NuTree Studenten und College Mitglieder vor Moringa Baum

Welcome to the website of NuTree, a project of the student initiative Enactus Münster e.V.
 Here you can learn all about how we are helping to build a Moringa farm in northern Ghana.

Our NuTree Goal

According to Welthungerhilfe, 2 billion people worldwide suffer from malnutrition. Countries in Africa, such as Ghana, are particularly hard hit. In order to tackle the problem, long term solutions are needed that help people to help themselves. NuTree has therefore set itself the goal of building a farm in Ghana, which will expand the food supply in the region and provide people with a sustainable source of income. This will not only counteract malnutrition to a small extent, but also improve the local economic situation. We are convinced that the tree Moringa Oleífera can play an important role in doing so.

Top: Distribution of Moringa Oleifera.

Below: Countries where malnutrition is particularly common.

NuTree Moring Tree in Ghana

The miracle Moringa

Moringa, also known as horseradish tree, is found especially in the subtropics due to the climatic conditions. The plant is characterised by its rapid growth, easy cultivation and richness of nutrients. Besides important amino acids, proteins and trace elements, Moringa contains a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. Among other things, the oil extracted from the seeds and especially the leaves, pocessed into a powder are used. The powder can be mixed with all kinds of dishes to ensure a balanced diet. Because of this variety of nutrients, it is also often referred to as a miracle tree, which is the perfect element for a good diet.

NuTree partner in Ghana

In order to achieve NuTree’s goals, the project needs reliable local partners who take care of the daily cultivation tasks. With the Regentropfen College of Applied Sciences we have found exactly that. The College is located in the North of Ghana close to the city of Bolgatanga and thus in an area with still a lot of potential for economic development. It specialises in agriculture and pursues the vision of educating its students as employers. This will enable them to develop their own projects which will benefit the region. The cooperation between NuTree and the college not only ensures professional cultivation, but also creates a platform for training people to be independent Moringa farmers.

NuTree Moring Baum Pflanzung in Ghana

The Farm 

So far, the farm consists of over 750 trees on an area right next to the college. Approximately the same number is still being planted there step by step. In the future it is planned to expand the project to an additional area. Since the focus of the project is to produce moringa powder from the leaves of the tree, we, the NuTree team, are in the process of procuring the processing equipment needed for this process. This will allow us to produce more powder in the time available and give as many people as possible access to Moringa. The resulting profit will in turn be used to expand the project and teach the college.

Please support us!

Until the NuTree project can sustain itself, we are dependent on your donations. Please help us to plant more Moringa trees and to purchase processing machines so that we can supply as many people as possible with Moringa. With just a few Euros you can plant trees that are capable of performing miracles!

Our Video Presentation for the National Cup 2020